Supported by cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise,
brand owners can rest assured critical color is held within tight tolerances


The print on flexible packaging will make a considerable difference, especially with how the product is viewed in relation to its competitors, as quality packaging is associated with a quality product. That is why ALFT combines cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise to offer a revolution in the flexible packaging industry. The 9 colour printing with an auto viscosity system minimizes shade variations, has a high-speed printing capability, guarantees all operations are defined by precise, quantifiable metrics and is capable of highly attractive printing effects delivered with absolute consistency. This also enables ALFT customers to benefit from giving their brand a distinct look, as well as enabling stronger differentiation in the marketplace.

Other benefits include precise web tension control, superior register performance, high-performance dual technology dryers, QR code printing, shaftless duplex winders, automatic splice operations at maximum production speed, inline reverse printing capable of printing a wider width and much more.

ALFT is also one of the few company’s in Asia which have invested in the latest Defect Detection Camera system by AVT, which is the most advance camera system ever produced by them. This system inspect 100% of the printing web, 100% of the time and through such systems we can guarantee delivery of 100% defect free material to our customers. This gives the customer a tremendous benefit in relation to guaranteed consistent print quality, which ultimately prevent product recalls and rejections.


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