Produce high quality laminates,
which ultimately prevent product recalls and rejections


The European machinery ALFT uses for laminating offers unparalleled web handling technology, an enhanced coating system for a more consistent finish, a highly efficient drying tunnel to minimize solvent retention on the web and much more. Having the In-house technical expertise to develop high quality customized barrier protection solutions, results in numerous benefits including improved shelf-life and enhanced flavor retention, reduction in solvent retention, high resilience against puncturing and similar damage, the ability to protect sensitive products from exposure to light, moisture, handling, oxygen and other atmospheric gases.

Improved lead-time through fast job changeovers without tools, the ability to produce high quality laminates with minimum material wastage, greater choice and options for the customer as ALFT’s specialized equipment can handle a wide range of flexible substrates with different physical properties and varying thicknesses, and an in-house curing room to enhance the curing process which leads to improve lead time.


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